Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brain Food!

Hey, it’s Zed again.

Remember how last time I told you we’d talk about brains because zombies like brains?

Well, all the zombies want to eat is brains. But they don’t really have to. Almost all the food and stuff you see in the Zombieton stores has labels saying in BIG print: 100% REAL BRAIN TASTE (or something like that). But in little print you’ll see something like this: Product contains no brain, brainstem or brain juice. May contain Brainola ™ Synthetic Brain Substitute™.

The zombies don’t seem to care, though, so it must all taste like brains to them. I thought it was funny at first and that the zombies must be really dumb not to know the difference. But then I looked at the ingredients in my fruit juice box and noticed there wasn’t really any fruit in it either. So maybe the zombies aren’t any dumber than me.

BTW: I think I’ve made friends with a zombie kid, but I’ll tell you about that next time.

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